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Whorehouse BAR EL CHARCO

León y Castillo, 72
LANZAROTE > Arrecife

gps 28.959408, -13.548650 View in Google Maps
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Saved by 4 members. Recommended by 1 but 1 members do not recommend it
Girls Girls 2/5" are ugly (2.0/5.0) according to 1 members.
price Half hour costs around 30-40 € according to 3 members.

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Nicklas33 6355
Nicklas33 says "Club does not exist"
does not recommend the club Girls Girls 2/5" are ugly (2/5). Half hour costs around 20-30 €

I searched up and down this street for #72. It is a derelict

dis-used building.   Regards Nick, Oct 2013

about 3 years ago | permalinkReport abuse

carlos idalgo 2906
carlos idalgo says "ahora esta mejor"
recommends the club Half hour costs around 30-40 €

me la he pasado muy bien hay una chica muy guapa morena de 27 años  que es una bomba no se arrenpentira

about 6 years ago | permalinkReport abuse

barby 2905
barby says "fantastico"
Half hour costs around 30-40 €

la verdad que esta antes a mejor que hay chicas muy guapas y joben  se pasa muy bien

about 6 years ago | permalinkReport abuse

ahmed 978
ahmed says "hola"

k ahore abrin ustedes y el precio tambiia grs

about 7 years ago | permalinkReport abuse

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